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theatre drapery


Franklin Designs installs quality Theatre drapery. We use only the best quality drapery products and can design a look to meet any owner’s vision. We carefully select fabric based on a several factors.

Theatre Drapery
Wall Fabric Design

Wall Fabric Design

Virtually any wall drape design is possible. Owners have many choices of different colors, styles and drape fabric. We use the most popular fabrics such as Velour, Encore and Repp fabrics to provide different wall effects.

Acoustic Needs

Acoustics play a role in what type of wall covering is selected for an auditorium. Franklin Designs will advise the owner on possible drape fabrics and plies to fulfill the acoustic goals of the auditorium.

Acoustic Needs


Cost for Theatre drapery varies greatly depending on several factors. Drapes with bold colors would cost more than standard uniform colored drapery. Drapes with elaborate designs carry a higher cost as they are more difficult to manufacture. Cost can also vary depending on your drapery design. More sewing of drapery to produce a certain effect is an example. The professionals at Franklin Designs can deliver the drapery design you want at the right price.

What Some of Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using Franklin Designs for many years for our drapes, masking, and screen needs. Whether it is a new Theatre installation or a maintenance job, they have consistently given us high quality work at a good price. I would not hesitate to recommend Bobby and his team at Franklin Designs.

—Aubrey Stone, President
Georgia Theatre Company