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Theatre Lobbies

theater lobby designCinemas of today are going the extra mile to attact people of all age groups by providing a more social atmosphere where people can meet before and after the show and get the food and fair they want while being entertained.

Franklin Designs works with the theatre owner to design all aspects of the theatre lobby. Everything from ceiling plans, floor finishing plans, lobby elevations and detailed millwork and molding are meticulously designed and built.

theater concessions designWe then select all materials included in the design of the theatre lobby such as carpet, paint colors, hard surface flooring materials, acoustic fabrics, seating fabrics, and specialty lighting. All interior design concepts are then presented to the owner for final approval.

theatre lobby designModern movie cinema design is a departure from smaller more conservative theatres of the past. Rather it is a return to a more robust time in history with larger more impactful spaces.
Lobbies now often include a much larger concession area and some floor plans also offer a cafe or alcohol bar, tables and comfortable lounge seating. Many theatres still contain a game room as well.

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