Why Now Is The Time For Your Own 3D Cinema

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3d3-people3D movies are taking the planet by storm. Although 3D films have been around in some form since the 1950′s, they have really taken off since the 1990′s due in large part to Disney and other entertainment venues that use IMAX and 3D as part of their shows and rides.

A few years ago, Jeffrey Katzenburg of Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc. stated that they would not make another animated movie that wasn’t 3D. Now, every new animated movie that hits the box office and many movies that are not animated have chosen to take on the 3D mantra. There is no doubt with the success of the 3D movie Avatar, that 3D movies have become a mainstay in the motion picture world.

What You Need To Convert

Depending on which 3D technology you choose, you will have different changes to make with your auditorium.


reald_logo_blueThe RealD system is what’s known as a Polarization 3D system.
Once you have the lens for your appropriate projector, all you need is to replace your existing screen with a new metallic (silver) screen. The screen is needed so that the light is reflected from the metallic screen in order to correctly produce the 3D effect. The RealD system uses inexpensive 3D glasses that can be reused over and over again.

Dolby 3D
dolby-3dThe Dolby 3D system is a little different in that it uses different wavelengths of color for the left and the right eye that create a 3D experience. You don’t need the silver screen as with the RealD solution but the 3D glasses required for this technology are much more expensive.

The Payoff
3D movies can be a huge money-maker for your theatre business. In the beginning of the summer 2010, three 3D movies, “Dispicable Me”, “The Last Air Bender” and “Toy Story 3″ accounted for 25% of all box office revenue during their back-to-back 3 week release schedule.

3D movie tickets are collecting at least $3 more per ticket than regular 2D movies.

By 2011, it is predicted that there will be 30,000 3D screens showing 3D movies.

Get your 3D auditorium project started today! Leave us your information in the boxes to right so that we can answer all your questions about going 3D.

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