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Finding enough money to make your film is always the hardest part of the filmmaking process, and one that many filmmakers find difficult, especially if they can’t find a good producer to work with. One filmmaker has tried to break away from the traditional “Producer Package” methods that many short and low budget filmmakers use.

Andy Coughlan, a writer, director and editor based in southern England, has created a web site called Geeky Gifts to help fund his Science Fiction feature film, Return to Earth. Geeky Gifts is a site that allows users to find cool and in interesting gadgets and gifts, or search for interesting presents in a certain price range.

Andy explains, “Having only worked on a handful of short films and features, I’m aware that my track record as a director probably isn’t good enough to encourage the big producers to dig deeply into their pockets, so I figured I’d have to find alternative ways of funding it.”

“A few of my friends have achieved some success selling producer packages, but that was only for short, modestly budgeted films and tended to only really work during the pre-production phase. It would be better to find something that will drip feed in a steady source of finance over the length of production.”

“I looked about and was impressed with the figures that these get-rich-quick-with affiliate marketing people were touting around.  Although I found the usual fluff and hyperbole, I learnt an awful lot as well. It didn’t take me long from there to come up with the Geeky Gifts concept.”

“I reasoned that if I could create a site that people would want to visit regardless of whether they had any interest in me or my little sci-fi movie project, then perhaps a reasonable amount of capital could be raised.”

Andy is hopeful that with Christmas coming and the present buying season just around the corner, launching the site now will reap rewards.

So check it out, Geeky Gifts – the web site where you buy presents and help fund a movie.

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